Former MLB player Charles Haeger found dead after police sought him as a suspect in killing of his ex-girlfriend

Charles Haeger.Charles Haeger

Former MLB player Charles Haeger was found dead in Northern Arizona from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Saturday after police announced they were searching for him as a suspect in the death of his ex-girlfriend in Scottsdale the previous day, police said. Haeger’s car was found unoccupied near Flagstaff on Saturday morning, according to a press release from Scottsdale Police Sgt. Ben Hoster. Around 4 p.m., Haeger was found dead along a trail at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon “from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Hoster said.

Police found the body of 34-year-old Danielle Breed in her home on Friday, after her roommate reported hearing gunshots and seeing Haeger exit her room with a handgun. My daughter was the spark of our family, Jane Long, Breed’s mother, told reporters, adding that her daughter went by her maiden name, Danielle Long. She was the light on our darkest day, we all thrived on her infectious smile and positivity, we are crushed that she was a victim of such a horrific crime. Hoster said in the news release that Breed’s roommate returned to their house on Friday afternoon when he heard multiple gunshots coming from Breed’s room, moments later, the roommate saw Haeger come out of Breed’s bedroom with a handgun, according to police. Haeger pointed the handgun at the roommate, but the roommate managed to escape out of the back of the house and got a neighbor to call 911, police said.

Scottsdale patrol officers had responded to a “sound of shots” call and arrived at the house but did not immediately go inside, the police then activated barricade procedures and a SWAT team later entered the house and found Breed dead. Scottsdale Police Lt. Christopher Watson told reporters on Sunday that an investigation is still ongoing.

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