Man Arrested After Allegedly Stuffing Razor Blades into Customers’ Pizza Dough

Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas Mitchell 

A Maine man has been arrested after allegedly hiding razor blades in pizza dough that was then sold to supermarket customers. Nicholas Mitchell was arrested on Monday for tampering with Portland Pie products sold in Hannaford Supermarkets. This evening the Dover, NH Police Department located Nicholas Mitchell and took him into custody on the outstanding warrant for his arrest in the Hannaford’s Portland Pie pizza dough razor blade case, Saco police said in a statement, according to news sources.

Hannaford said in a press release that all Portland Pie cheese and Portland Pie fresh dough sold in the deli department has been recalled following what is believed to be further malicious tampering incidents involving metal objects inserted into Portland Pie products. Hannaford has removed all Portland Pie products from all store shelves and has paused replenishment of the products indefinitely, the press release stated.

Though no injuries or illnesses have been reported in relation to the recall, Hannaford is encouraging customers who purchased Portland Pie pizza dough or cheese sold in its deli between August 1 and October 11 to return the products for a full refund, customers are urged to also check storage areas including freezers for product that may have been purchased and frozen during this timeframe, the grocery company said, according to police, Mitchell is a former employee of Portland Pie’s manufacturer.

Mitchell reportedly became a suspect after a customer complained about finding razor blades in some purchased pizza dough, leading the supermarket to review its security footage. Mitchell was allegedly seen on the tape tampering with several Portland Pie product packages. It was not immediately clear if he has legal representation or has entered a plea at this point.

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