Landlord confesses to killing couple, hiding their bodies

a man and a woman taking a selfie

Police say a landlord has confessed to killing Michigan couple, reported missing by family on Monday, and hiding their bodies. The Battle Creek Police Department had been searching for 34-year-old Joseph “Joey” Soule and his 31-year-old live-in girlfriend Jaclyn Lepird after they were last seen alive on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Chad Reed, 53, turned himself in to Battle Creek police and confessed at around noon on Thursday, according to Battle Creek Police Department Sgt. Detective Joel Case, shortly after someone he’d confided in told police what he’d done.

Case said Reed had an ongoing dispute with Soule and Lepird, and that he often complained to friends that the couple “liked to party” and kept him up at night, among other issues, they had arguments about money, they had arguments about you name it, Case told reporters at a news conference. Reed allegedly detectives there was an argument at the home, at Marjorie St. and Post Ave., on the evening of Oct 7, that escalated into violence, Reed claimed Soule pulled knife before Reed shot him.

When Lepird tried to run away, Reed shot her too, Case said. It’s alleged Reed then followed the woman into the backyard where he beat and strangled her until she was dead. Case said Reed confessed he wrapped the bodied in plastic and put them in the back of his pickup truck for a few days, eventually, he moved the truck to another property where he parked it in an abandoned garage.

Reed remains behind bars in the Calhoun County Jail, awaiting an arraignment on two counts of murder, asked if Reed knew he person he confessed to about the killings went to police, or why Reed turned himself in, Case said he wasn’t entirely sure. After telling this person I think it was guilt, maybe a little bit of remorse, Case said. I’d like to think that maybe he knew that maybe it would catch up with him.

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