Four people dead after shootings in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson police at fatal shooting scene on Tuesday in Henderson, Nevada.Henderson police at fatal shooting scene on Tuesday in Henderson, Nevada.

Four people are dead including a possible suspect, slain by police following shootings on Tuesday in the Nevada city of Henderson, authorities said. Someone at a Henderson apartment complex called police around 11 a.m. to report hearing gunshots and seeing someone with a possible gunshot wound in a doorway, Henderson police Capt. Jason Kuzik said.

Police arrived, saw two people with gunshot wounds, and also a possible suspect in a parked car that was nearby, Kuzik said. Officers “attempted contact” with that person, and that ended with officers fatally shooting that person, Kuzik said, without elaborating. He did not say why officers believed that person was a possible suspect. In the end, police said, four people died, including the possible suspect, and a fifth person was taken to a hospital, Kuzik said. The condition of that person wasn’t immediately known, according to the police captain, police did not immediately release the names and ages of those who were killed or sent to the hospital, or details about what led to the initial shootings, the incident is still under investigation, Kuzik said Tuesday afternoon.

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