Indian man threw acid at wife who refused to be gang raped after he lost bet: police

A man in India was arrested after throwing acid on his wife when she resisted his demands to be gang raped by group of men who her husband lost a bet to. “The couple was married for about 10 years. Her husband was into gambling and he lost her in a bet in late October,” Rajesh Kumar Jha, a senior police official in the state of the state of Bihar, told The Independent.

“After that, he would send her to the gamblers against her wishes, where the men would rape her. If she ever resisted the sexual exploitation, her husband would beat her and hold her hostage,” he said. “On November 2, when the 30-year-old woman opposed her husband’s attempts to again send her to the gamblers, he threw acid on her,” Jha said.a bottle of wine© Provided by New York Daily News

The husband was arrested and charged by state police for a number of offenses, including acid attack, gang rape, domestic violence and wrongful confinement, and is still in custody. Police did not say whether or not the husband’s accomplices had been apprehended. Acid attacks are a routine violent act against women in India, according to Tania Singh, the CEO of Make Love, Not Scars, an organization that runs shelters for victims of acid attacks, about 300 cases are reported every year, but the real number is probably at least triple that.

“This could mean two things; number one that people are feeling braver and stronger and they come out and report the crime,” Singh told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2019, or number two, that more potential attackers are getting influenced, learning about acid and committing the crime. Activists have also described acid attacks as similar to mass shootings in the United States. “I don’t see signs of it slowing down. As long as acid is easily available I only see it increasing,” Singh said.

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