St. Louis man chased away robbers with broom

They say it’s happening across the map, north and south, thieves crawling under parked cars and sawing off the catalytic converters, which contain valuable metals, for resale.

Longtime Tower Grove South resident Jay Rosloff says the problem is “a plague ” in his neighborhood, and he was awakened the other night by the sound of a power saw outside on the street.

“I grabbed my shoes, ran down the stairs, told Beth to call 911, grabbed a broom, and chased off a couple of guys with a just being a cranky old man with a red-handled broom,” Rosloff said. Rosloff was asked if he was afraid the thieves might harm him.

“No, thieves are cowards, simple as that. They’re not robbers, they’re not muggers. They are just trash trying to take something that you worked hard for, and they’re interested in getting away,” Rosloff said. St. Louis Police are advising residents to call 911 if they notice catalytic converter thieves at work.

Rosloff says police responded to his property in about 20 minutes. What they found, he said, was a broken saw blade in the exhaust pipe of his neighbor’s car, police say the most often targeted cars for catalytic converter theft are Honda and Toyota.

Rosloff says there should be a law requiring photo identification for anyone selling used catalytic converters, he says a similar law passed years ago helped stop the theft of architectural elements from the exterior of buildings.

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