Man allegedly proposed to one girlfriend using rings he stole from another

A Florida man is accused of proposing to a woman using the engagement ring and wedding band he stole from another woman he was dating.a man smiling for the camera: Volusia Sherriff's Office/ Facebook Joseph L. Davis

According to a release from the Volusia sheriff’s office, Joseph L. Davis, 48, allegedly used the name “Joe Brown” with one of the women and “Marcus Brown” with the other. Davis is currently at large and wanted on theft charges, the release states.

The release alleges one girlfriend discovered he was engaged to someone else, and when she checked the fiancée’s Facebook page, she noticed the woman was wearing a wedding band and engagement ring that were identical to the ones she had been given from a previous marriage.

When the girlfriend checked her jewelry box, she allegedly discovered both rings were missing along with other jewelry, amounting to about $6,270 in value, the release states.

According to the release, the girlfriend allegedly confronted Davis about the missing jewelry and also communicated with the fiancée, which enabled her to get some of her belongings back. With their relationships with Davis now over, the two women began cooperating with authorities, the release states.a man standing on a sidewalk: Volusia Sherriff's Office/ Facebook Joseph L. Davis© Provided by People Volusia Sherriff’s Office/ Facebook Joseph L. Davis

According to the release, the fiancée alleged Davis stole from her and also lied to her, including taking her to the girlfriend’s house while claiming it was his and asking her to move in with her. The fiancée told authorities that she had disassembled her furniture and packed up her apartment before Davis told her the deal had fallen through.a man smiling for the camera: Joseph L. Davis

Both women met Davis on OKCupid and neither knew his real name, the release states. Authorities were able to identify him after the fiancée remembered the name and address of a niece Davis had in North Carolina.

Authorities say that once they identified Davis, they discovered he had a criminal record in both Oregon and North Carolina, as well as an arrest warrant out of Oregon in connection with an alleged hit and run crash with injuries.

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