Breaking News: Students kidnapped in attack on school in Nigeria

Gunmen have reportedly taken an unknown number of students and several teachers from a school in an attack on a school in central Nigeria.diagram: Provided by Deutsche Welle

Students and teachers were abducted from a school in Niger state, Nigerian media reported on Wednesday. News agency AFP reported that “hundreds” were taken, citing security and official sources.

The attack comes on the heels of another kidnapping at the end of last year, where 344 schoolboys were abducted by bandits, the attack took place at the Government Science College Kagara in Niger state, news broadcaster “Channels TV” reported.

At least one student is believed to have been killed after gunmen opened fire at the school, sources told “Channels” and the Leadership newspaper.

An exact number of students detained is not known. The attackers infiltrated a dormatory where 50 students were staying and abducted all inside, Leadership reported.

The attackers are believed to belong to a criminal gang, AFP reported.

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