McGregor ‘will earn £112m after selling stake whisky company’

Conor McGregor et al. posing for the camera: MailOnline logo

Conor McGregor is reportedly set for a split of £112million after being bought out of his Proper 12 whisky company. 

Notorious, who is still reeling from his crushing defeat against Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 in January, helped create the brand which launched in September 2018 and quickly became a huge success, with Mexican firm Becle acquiring a 20 per cent stake before upping it to 50 per cent. And now Becle, who own tequila brand Jose Cuervo, are set for a full takeover of Proper 12, with the Irishman pocketing a huge windfall according to the Irish Mirror.Conor McGregor holding a glass of wine: Conor McGregor is set to split around £112m after being bought out of his whisky firmtext, whiteboard: He launched the Proper 12 whisky brand in 2018 and has transformed it into a huge success

He will share the money with his manager Audie Attar, who helped him found the business. The firm was valued at around £220m after Becle increased their stake to 50 per cent. A Becle statement read: On February 23, 2021, the Company provided notice of the exercise of its call option to acquire 51 per cent of the equity interests of EBS. ”We expect to announce further details upon the closing of the transaction.” It is not clear whether McGregor will remain part of the business. He has an estimated worth of £87m and has earned lucratively paydays from his UFC bouts – reportedly taking home around £18.25m after his defeat to Poirer. He is also believed to have earned close to £100m for his epic cross-over fight against Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

After losing to Poirer, he set out his aspirations to become the highest-paid athlete on the Forbes list and hinted that his whisky empire would be part of his goals. “I’m already a very wealthy man and it is only going to go up, make no mistake about it”. “This year I have aspirations of being the number one highest-paid athlete on the Forbes list”.Conor McGregor wearing sunglasses: Conor McGregor is one of the best paid stars in sport after some lucrative fights in UFC

“I believe I will do it and times are good and the whiskey is better.  It is a phenomenal liquid and it is only a four year age, it’s our first launch so wait until we get to eight-year, wait until we get to 12 years, wait until we get to 21 year. I actually have barrels of the stuff boxed off for my son and it is signed to my son that I am going to gift to him on his 21st birthday so he’s going to walk into a 21 year aged Proper 12 empire. I’m very excited to gift him that and I’m even more excited to taste it myself”

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