German police solve burglary with DNA from sausage bite

A nine-year-old burglary in Germany was solved using DNA taken from a bitten sausage the suspect left at the scene of the crime, police said.

According to police in the western town of Schwelm, outside Dusseldorf, the suspect, a 30-year-old Albanian citizen, ate some of the sausage during a break-in in March 2012. The case of the Nibbling Nabber went cold until police in France alerted investigators that they had picked up a suspect on an unrelated crime and his DNA popped for the old burglary.a bowl of food on a plate: Bratwurst sausages

The wurst case may come to pass though: the statute of limitations for the burglary has expired and the man is unlikely to be extradited to Germany. It is unclear what the man was arrested for in France. The case is the latest where DNA taken from unfinished food has solved crimes. In 2002, investigators used a piece of fried chicken frozen back in 1993 to solve an infamous multiple murder at a fast food restaurant outside Chicago.

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