OOPS: Groom almost marries wrong bride on wedding day due to GPS error

a person standing in front of water: A groom wound up at the wrong venue on his wedding day and was prepared to marry the wrong woman.

After a GPS mix-up led a groom to the wrong wedding venue, he nearly married a complete stranger instead of his fiancée.

According to a report from Indonesian outlet TribunNews, the unidentified groom was set to marry his bride on April 4 in Magelang, a city in Central Java. However, due to a Google Maps error he wound up at a venue coincidentally hosting an engagement ceremony.

With a house filled with wedding guests and a photographer, the groom and his entourage did not immediately realize they were at the wrong venue.

Ulfa, the bride who was hosting the engagement part, told TribunNews that the wrong groom arrived as she was getting her hair and makeup done elsewhere in the house. Because the groom and his family had been unexpectedly delayed en route to the ceremony, Ulfa’s family did not realize the group that arrived was at the wrong venue. “But my family welcomed them and they proceeded to exchange gifts,” Ulfa told TribunNews.

Ulfa realized something was amiss when her photographer showed her the photos and videos he had taken of the groom and his group. They had even taken their seats and were ready for the ceremony to begin. “I was shocked when I saw the man’s group as I did not know any of them,” she said.

When the groom’s party also realized they were at an engagement celebration rather than his wedding, they promptly apologized, collected their gifts and went to the correct venue.

According to a report from Times Now News, Google Maps may not have registered the wedding and engagement as having two separate locations because of the village’s small size.

“He said that the ‘share location’ point stopped near my house. Sometimes the internet can shift if it is not smooth,” Ulfa’s real groom told TribunNews.

Ulfa and her party found the situation highly amusing and later posted a video of the situation to Twitter. Viewers found the situation hilarious, and some shared sympathy for the groom after their own Google Maps woes.

“It’s that [share location] … it doesn’t look at location point accuracy,” one user commiserated. “It really sucks.” “I can’t imagine his expression,” another joked about the groom when he realized his mistake.

TribunNews reported that the groom and his party did make it to his own wedding ceremony after the bride’s family gave them directions. It was not immediately clear how the correct bride handled the news that he nearly wed another woman.

This is the latest in a series of strange wedding-related events internationally. In March, a Chinese mother of the groom realized her long-lost daughter was the bride-to-be. Earlier this month, an Indian groom who married his wife four times and divorced her three times won a court case that gave him a total of 32 paid days leave for his marriages.

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