LOL: Woman arrested after offering lap dances, sex to random citizens and police

a close up of a hand: A 28-year-old Florida woman allegedly asking police if they wanted to have sex, has been arrested after offering “random citizens” lap dances.

A Florida woman is behind bars after offering lap dances to “random citizens,” asking police if they wanted to have sex on the sidewalk, and threatening assault against paramedics, according to an arrest report obtained this week by The Smoking Gun.

Olivia Taylor-Washek, 28, was charged in St. Petersburg with disorderly intoxication (disturbance) on Saturday shortly before 9 p.m., according to the report.

A disturbance call came into authorities after a “highly intoxicated” Taylor-Washek was “stumbling on the sidewalk and attempting to give random citizens lap dances outside of a business,” the document notes.

Despite Fire Rescue being called to evaluate her, Taylor-Washek “was not evaluated” as she threatened “to punch paramedics if they touched her,” the report notes.

Police offered to walk her home, but Taylor-Washek “continued to yell profanities” at both authorities and bystanders alike, according to the document.

She proceeded to ask police if they wanted to have sex on the sidewalk and, the document states, then yelled that the cops “were going to shoot her.” The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the document’s veracity to the Daily News.

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