Man chases estranged wife with knives

A man allegedly chased his estranged wife while armed with kitchen knives in each hand onto the field of their child’s sporting event on Friday at Chapman Sports Complex in Garden Grove, California, and was arrested, police said Saturday.a man in a blue shirt: A police officer wears a badge with a mourning band during a press conference on August 8, 2019 in front of the Garden Grove Police Department after a series of stabbings and robberies in which six people were stabbed, four of them fatally, at multiple locations in Garden Grove and Santa Ana, California. Garden Grove police said they arrested Russell Husges on Friday after he chased his estranged wife onto the field of their child’s sporting event while holding kitchen knives.

The unnamed woman was watching her son warm up during one of several youth sporting events taking place on the fields when her son noticed his father, Russell Husges, 43, approach her from behind and signaled to her that he was there.

After Husges, who is from Anaheim, chased his wife with the kitchen cutlery, a youth sports coach and an off-duty officer pursued Husges and stopped his advance toward his ex-wife and disarmed him before any injury could take place, police said.

Husges was restrained by the off-duty officer and coach until Garden Grove police arrived and arrested him. He was transferred to Orange County Jail where he is still being held in custody on $500,000 bail, according to Orange County inmate records.

Police did not immediately reveal what he was charged with and Orange County discloses that information only to approved attorneys and licensed bail agents. Police did not disclose details regarding Husges’ motives, although they did hashtag their press release on social media as #attemptedmurder.

The release shared to Facebook garnered community attention with over hundreds of reactions praising the off-duty officer and youth sports coach who stepped in to stop Husges. The post also had more than 80 comments.

“Good job Citizens/officers. There is no room in Society for Violence against Woman. It has to stop,” commented Facebook user Ronald Frazier.

“Thank you GGPD, for arriving quickly and getting the situation under control. We were there and it was very scary for all involved,” wrote Facebook user Meghan Dunlop. “Praying for that poor woman and her child, and thankful to everyone who intervened until the PD could arrive.”

“What kind of horrible human being tries to stab the mother of his child right in front of that child and in front of other children. I hope he rots in jail,” Facebook user Leslie Grimes commented.

Before Husges was arrested, GGPD had been celebrating last week’s National Police Week on social media by remembering their officers who died in the line of duty. “#NationalPoliceWeek is a time when we acknowledge and honor the men and women who have paid the ultimate price, while in the line of duty,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Their legacy of service is remembered and continued every time we put the badge on.”

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