Tragic: Russian millionaire admits killing man he ‘mistook for bear’

Igor Redkin

A millionaire politician in Russia’s Far East has admitted killing a man he says he mistook for a brown bear.

Igor Redkin, 55, said in a statement to Russian media that he had heard there was a bear at the rubbish dump in the village of Ozernovsky in Kamchatka.

Wanting to scare the animal away, he fired his gun, but later “learned that a local resident was wounded in the area at about the same time,” he said.

The 30-year-old man who was shot later died in hospital.

A criminal case was opened last week.

Mr Redkin is the co-owner of several large businesses in the Kamchatka peninsula and has been described as one of Russia’s wealthiest public officials.

He said he had “made up his mind and was prepared to accept the punishment that the court will determine”.

He has since left President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

According to Russian media, the politician will spend two months under house arrest during the investigation.

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