$1.3 million worth of cocaine washes ashore on Florida beach

Authorities in Florida reported on Monday that a bundle of cocaine had been retrieved after washing ashore on a beach in the Florida keys. The bundle, which weighed approximately 65 pounds, would have been worth up to $1.3 million if sold.a group of people on a beach with a palm tree: Approximately 65 pounds of cocaine was recovered after it washed ashore in the Florida Keys. In this photo, Key West is seen during Easter Weekend 2021.

Police would not confirm where precisely in the Keys the bundle was found. They said that a “Good Samaritan” turned the package in after stumbling upon it over the weekend.

Drugs washing ashore, perhaps unsurprisingly, has been a common occurrence in the Florida Keys. Only a month ago, Border Patrol agents seized a 2.7-pound brick of cocaine that washed up on a beach on the island of Little Torch Key, according to the Miami Herald.

The package was called in after being found by a “concerned citizen.” The brick was estimated to be worth around $61,000. “We appreciate the support from the local community,” Border Patrol spokesman Adam Hoffner told the newspaper in a statement.

The Herald report also mentions a bundle of marijuana that was turned into authorities after it was found on a beach in Geiger Key. The drugs were reportedly wrapped in brown duct tape and weighed roughly 4.5 pounds.

More recently, a 2.4-pound brick of cocaine was recovered at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, the most popular beach in the Key West region of the Florida Keys, on August 5. This bundle was estimated to have a street value of $55,000.

“The Good Samaritan immediately notified local authorities, who turned the brick of cocaine over to U.S. Border Patrol agents,” Hoffner said in a statement to the press.

Recent drug seizures in Florida have been so significant, they have been breaking U.S. Coast Guard records. On August 5 alone, over 60,000 pounds of illegal drugs were unloaded at Port Everglades after being seized in the Caribbean and the Pacific off the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

Over the years, bundles of drugs have been found off the Sunshine State’s coast in a variety of strange ways. For example, $53 million of cocaine was found tangled around a sea turtle in 2017. In 2019, $165 million worth of the drug was found stashed inside of a submarine involved in a high-speed chase with the Coast Guard.

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