Gangster Cop: Thai police chief, known as Jo Ferrari, wanted over viral torture clip

Thitisan Utthanaphon
Thitisan Utthanaphon is reportedly fond of fast cars and known as “Jo Ferrari”

Investigators in Thailand are hunting for a now-sacked police chief after a video went viral showing the apparent torture and killing of a drug suspect.

Police searched the Bangkok luxury estate of Thitisan Utthanaphon – widely known by the nickname “Jo Ferrari”.

He and six others are accused over the fatal incident earlier this month.

CCTV footage posted online appears to show the suspect being ordered to pay $60,000 to have charges dropped before he is suffocated with a plastic bag.

On Wednesday a search of the police chief’s mansion in Bangkok revealed 13 luxury cars.

A day earlier Mr Thitisan, 39, was sacked as a police superintendent in Nakhon Sawan, 250km (150 miles) north of Bangkok, after the video caused outrage.

The footage, which was reportedly posted by a junior officer, shows several policemen wrapping plastic bags around the head of a man who had been arrested for selling methamphetamine pills.

According to local reports, the torture occurred after the suspect was told to double a bribe that had been agreed for his release and that of his girlfriend.

The video shows attempts to revive the man, but he died from suffocation. The officer allegedly told subordinates to list the cause of death as a drug overdose.

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