French police car crashes after officer fires Taser at driver

A French police car
Three police officers have been arrested and face court over the incident

A police car crashed in northern France after an officer in the passenger seat fired her Taser in the direction of the driver, prosecutors say.

Six officers were in the vehicle when the driver lost control and hit a parked car in Roubaix, near Lille, on Saturday. The police car left the scene without stopping, prosecutors said. There were no reports of injuries.

Three officers, including the one who discharged the Taser, are in custody. The incident happened while the officers were en route to Roubaix after finishing their shifts, local media report.

Maître Emmanuel Riglaire, a lawyer for the police officer who fired the Taser, told France Bleu Nord that the atmosphere was “good-natured” because “they’re staff who get on well”.

“They’re having fun amongst themselves and act like idiots,” Mr Riglaire said.

The lawyer said his client wanted to give her colleague – the driver – “a light Taser” and they ended up hitting a parked car. A resident who witnessed the crash reported the incident to the authorities.

The three officers in custody have been summoned to appear at Lille’s criminal court on 3 February.

The officer who discharged the Taser will be prosecuted for intentional violence with a weapon and endangering the lives of others. Herlawyer told France Bleu Nord she could face a prison sentence.

Her two colleagues are accused of hit-and-run and aiding and abetting a hit-and-run. An internal investigation has also been opened.

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