Massive alligator found dead in New Orleans dumpster

Residents were shocked when they discovered a massive dead alligator in a dumpster down a quiet street in New Orleans.a close up of a reptile: File photo of an alligator with jaws open wide at Everglades National Park. A man in South Carolina saved the life of his dog last week after his pet was attacked by an alligator while on a walk next to a pond that has been known to be home to gators.

The reptile was found on the street corner of Perrier and Upperline by local residents on Wednesday, WGNO reported.

“There’s a gator in the garbage,” Naomi Gadinsky, who lives on Perrier Street, told WGNO.

“This morning I woke up and it was business as usual, then my husband said there’s a large dead gator in the dumpster across the street from our house,” Gadinsky added.

She has no idea how the gator got in the garbage, but would like it removed.

“To me it seems hazardous,” she said. “I would hate for someone’s kid to get sick or someone’s dog to start eating the dead tail.”

Alexis Elliott also feels it’s time to say see you later, alligator.

“I think it should be removed from the dumpster,” she told the news channel. “It is attracting a lot of bugs.

“I never thought there would be a gator in an Uptown dumpster. Only in New Orleans,” Elliott added.

Demo Diva is the company who rented the dumpster. Company owner Simone Bruni said they were unaware of the reptile, but it will be taken to a landfill with all the other garbage from the dumpster.

The alligator may have been hunted before being discarded in the dumpster. Hunting alligators has been legal for more than 200 years in Louisiana. The hunter must have an alligator hunter’s license or has a helper license to be able to hunt legally.

There are more than 2,000 licensed alligator hunters that harvest 30,000 to 35,000 wild alligators annually in Louisiana, according to Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries. The reptiles are harvested for their skins which are to make boots, shoes, belts, and saddles, and in years past their oil was used to grease steam engines and cotton mills. Alligator meat is also considered a delicacy.

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