Dubai company ‘offer’ Barcelona €1.5bn to clear debt

A company from Dubai are reported to have offered to buy Barcelona’s debt for a whopping €1.5bn (£1.3bn), which could allow the Catalan giants more flexibility in upcoming transfer windows.Barcelona are in real financial trouble | David Ramos/Getty ImagesFC Barcelona President, Joan Laporta

Barcelona’s financial woes are no secret. They find themselves in over €1.3bn worth of debt which left them unable to re-sign Lionel Messi and has also forced them negotiate wage cuts with some of their top players to try and stop haemorrhaging money.

There’s a long way to go before Barcelona can repay that debt, but their prayers may have been answered by a company from Dubai who are prepared to agree a deal with the Blaugrana to clear those debts for them.

It was Catalan outlet 8TV who first revealed what appears to be a formal document from this Dubai-based company, which has agreed to buy Barcelona’s debts for a cool €1.5bn.

As part of the deal, Barcelona would not be required to make any repayments to the Dubai company for two years and they would be able to extend their repayments over 12 years.

The deal is also said to come with low interest rates and enough up-front payments to give Barcelona something to play with when the January transfer window opens.

RB Leipzig midfielder Dani Olmo is believed to be the club’s ‘priority’ signing, but president Joan Laporta also wants to sign Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland and even has his sights set on a free transfer for Manchester United’s Paul Pogba next summer.

Those blockbuster signings are hardly possible for Barcelona in their current financial state, but this mysterious offer could be the answer to their prayers – even if it means taking on another €200m of debt over the next decade or so.

The proposal now rests on the desks of economic vice-president Eduard Romeu and CEO Ferran Reverter, who will explore the fine print of the offer before meeting with Laporta to make a final decision.

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