BREAKING: Spanish government approves full capacity in LaLiga stadiums

The Spanish government has approved a new regulation regarding the capacity in LaLiga stadiums, approving that there will be no limitations and that 100% of the seats can be used starting this Friday.

Before this new regulation was approved, there was a 60% limitation in effect. This decision by the government was bound to happen sooner or later given Spain’s great percentage of vaccinated people and the huge decrease in Covid-19 cases.

For Real Madrid, things are a bit different, but not because of Covid-19. The constructions for the new Santiago Bernabeu have not finished and it is extremely likely that the stadium can’t be full for quite some time as the club keeps working to finalize the new arena by the end of 2022.

Still, this is great news for LaLiga fans, with games like Atletico de Madrid vs Barcelona being played this weekend with 100% capacity allowed in the Spanish stadiums.

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