Nepal bus crash kills at least 28 in Mugu district

Rescue workers and local people work at the site of a passenger bus crash in Mugu district, Nepal, 12 October 2021
Rescue workers and locals work at the site of the passenger bus crash in Mugu district, Nepal

At least 28 people have been killed and many others injured in a bus crash in north-west Nepal, police say.

The vehicle was travelling through Mugu district when it left the road and plunged down a hillside shortly after midday on Tuesday, local media report.

The cause of the crash is unclear, but some reports suggest the bus may have had an issue with its brakes failing.

Road accidents are not uncommon in Nepal, and are usually caused by bad roads or poorly maintained vehicles.

Images published by local media showed rescue workers carrying people and what appeared to be personal belongings such as travel bags.

The police said an investigation was under way.

They added that many of those on the bus may have been travelling home after celebrating Dashain – a major religious festival in Nepal and India.

More than a dozen people were being treated for injuries, with some airlifted to a nearby hospital.

It is not clear how many people were travelling on the bus when it veered off the road, but police said the death toll could rise further.

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