Soccer manager shot on the field after violence broke out among factions of fans from the same team

The incident occurred during a Huracan Las Heras match on Sunday. Twitter/AlexMiloneThe incident occurred during a Huracan Las Heras match on Sunday.

An Argentine soccer coach was shot and players fled the field as fans from a fourth division side fought among themselves in the stands during a match on Sunday.

Footage from the game shows players from Huracán and opponents Ferro de General Pico running for cover as shots ring out at the ground late during the incident which took place late in the second half of a league match Sunday.

A video showed Romero being treated for his wound, with the club later saying he had gone to hospital.

“Romero is doing well and out of danger,” Ferro tweeted “After leaving the stadium he underwent tests in a local hospital and is now giving a statement to police.”

“Once and for all, the leaders of our Argentine soccer must take exemplary measures that allow us to continue believing in this sport. The sanction already exceeds sports, requiring a political decision that severely punishes the unusual events,” Ferro said in a statement, as cited by The Atlantic.

Huracán said in a statement that the in-fighting between its fans was “ruining” the club.

“For years families have been chased from grounds,” it said in a Facebook post. “May all those that harm the club stay away so that the real fans can return.”

The Federal A league match was suspended due to the incident with Huracán leading 3-1.

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