Two persons shot dead in Mexico

Hotel workers are seen at the entrance to a hotel after two suspected drug gang members were shot dead
People were told to hide inside a Cancún hotel because of an active shooter

A shootout involving rival gangs on a beach near the Mexican resort of Cancún has left two suspected drug dealers dead, prosecutors say.

The shooting happened on a beach in Bahia Petempich, Puerto Morelos, the Quintana Roo state attorney general’s office tweeted.

“Two of them lost their lives,” it said.

People posted on Twitter that guests were told by staff to hide inside a hotel because of an active shooter.

There were chaotic scenes as guests took cover in the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Resort.

“Guests are telling me they were playing volleyball on the beach, gunman approached firing gun. Everyone ran from beach and swimming pools. Staff hustled us into hidden rooms behind the kitchens,” tweeted former NBC executive Mike Sington, who is staying at the resort.

There have been no reports of any other serious injuries.

More than 300,000 people have lost their lives in cartel-related killings in Mexico since the government deployed the military to combat drug-related crime in 2006.

Riviera Maya, home to popular resorts like Cancún and Tulum, has seen an increase in violence in recent years.

Last month Mexican security forces were sent to Tulum after two foreign tourists were killed and others injured during a shootout between suspected gang members.

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