LOL: Two zebras returned to US farm after months on the lam

Three zebras pictured in South Africa

Two zebras have been returned to a farm in the US state of Maryland after months on the run.

Three initially escaped from their private enclosure in August, turning heads across the state, with residents sharing sightings on social media.

One of the zebras was later found dead in an illegal snare trap.

Officials told local media on Tuesday that the remaining pair were found and returned last week, but no further details were provided.

Previous attempts to catch the zebras included setting up a feeding station and corral.

The owner, 76-year-old Jerry Lee Holly, holds a license for the animals at his 300-acre property in Upper Marlboro, which he runs as an exotic animal breeding business.

In October, US authorities charged Mr Holly with three counts of animal cruelty, local media report. Mr Holly has not publicly responded to the charges.

According to an investigation by public broadcaster WAMU, published in 2019, Mr Holly has owned a variety of animals at his business, including primates, giraffes and bears.

He has previously been cited for over 100 violations of animal welfare laws, including failure to maintain adequate fencing around his zebra enclosure.

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