Texas shootings leave 5 dead, 3 wounded

A man murdered four members of his family, including a child, in a Texas suburb on Saturday before he killed himself. Three others are also believed to have been injured in the overnight shooting spree in Navarro County.Texas shootings leave 5 dead, 3 wounded

The suspect was identified by police Saturday evening as 41-year-old Kevin Milazzo, local outlet the Corsicana Daily Sun reported.

Police told the outlet that Milazzo’s deceased family members include his 68-year-old stepfather, William Mimms; his mother Connie Mimms, 61; his 21-year-old son Joshua Milazzo; and his former girlfriend’s son, 4-year-old Hunter Freeman.

After midnight on Saturday, police responded to the scene of a shooting in Corsicana, which is about 55 miles outside of Dallas. Shortly after, police responded to another shooting in the nearby town of Frost, according to the Daily Sun.

Corsicana Police Chief Robert Johnson told the outlet that a man and a woman were shot and killed in Corsicana, while another man and a child were shot and killed in Frost. Two other people were wounded in the Corsicana shooting and one other was wounded in the Frost shooting, with all the victims currently in critical condition.

After the shootings, Milazzo was allegedly on the run, ABC affiliate WFAA reported, police intercepted him on a road and used a monitoring service to shut his engine off. When they approached the vehicle, Milazzo was critically injured with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital where he later died as a result of the injury.

The Corsicana Police Department was not immediately able to comment when reached by The Hill.

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