Judge orders Apple to pay $1000 for selling iPhone without charger

A Brazilian judge has instructed Apple to pay a customer damages that were caused for the purchase of an iphone that came without a power adapter.

Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, of the Goiânia 6th Special Civil Court, ruled Monday that the technology company must pay the consumer 5,000 Brazilia reais, or $1,081.

Apple must also provide the customer a new charger.

Caires Pinheiro wrote that Apple forced into a tie-in sale where consumer to purchase a second product of its exclusive manufacture which without the main product does not serve the purpose for which it is manufactured (and) intended.

Apple was given 10 days to comply with the judge’s order. Failing to do so will carry a daily penalty of 100 reais, or $21.63, until the matter is resolved.

Apple announced in October 2020 that it was going to stop including the adapter and headphones with its devices ahead of the iPhone 12 model’s release as part of its plan to protect the planet by reducing waste and carbon emissions.

The company argued that the phones do come with a lightning cable that functions adapters that are sold by other mobile phone accessory makers.

A São Paulo consumer protection agency imposed a $2.2 million fine on Apple in March for selling iPhones without chargers.

Apple is thought to have sold 190 million iPhones worldwide since the move, which was applauded by environmentalists.

Total gains from removing chargers and earphones, plus reduced shipping costs, could be as high as $6.5 billion, with an additional estimated $293 million from the sale of accessories. 

‘It is not appropriate that such a measure seeks to reduce environmental impacts, since, in all evidence, the defendant continues to manufacture such an essential accessory, but now sells it separately,’ Caires Pinheiro said.

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