Update: French policeman is arrested for shooting dead two unarmed people

A French policeman has been arrested and placed in custody after he shot dead two people and injured a third when their car refused to stop at a checkpoint at a popular Parisian tourist site.

The shooting occurred on the ancient Pont Neuf in the heart of the French capital on Sunday night, as partisans of French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated his re-election.

The unidentified officer has admitted opening fire with his police-issue Heckler and Kock G36 assault rifle after the car – a Volkswagen Polo – came speeding towards his patrol on the historic bridge. 

An investigating source said the car was speeding away from officers who had jumped out of the way when the policeman in question began shooting. “The claim by the officers is that they were being targeted by the car” said the source. “They got out of the way, and then one of them starting shooting with his Heckler & Koch assault rifle”.

The driver of the car was killed behind the wheel, while the front-seat passenger was shot dead as he leapt from the car and began running away. A third man, who was in the back seat of the car, was wounded in the arm and is recovering in hospital.

The officer meanwhile was taken into custody and is under investigation for ‘intentional violence resulting in unintentional death,’ said a spokesman for the IGPN – the French police unit that investigates alleged crimes carried out by officers.The vehicle was driving against traffic on the Pont Neuf in Paris on Sunday night, and was trying to hit the officers, who then opened fire, according to a police sourcePolice investigate the site of a shooting where two people were shot dead by police in Paris on Sunday night 

A dozen shots were fired from the policemen’s HK G36 according to the investigation’s initial reports, of which “five or six impacted the individuals”.

None of the unarmed victims involved have been identified, but police say the two individuals who were killed were known to be involved in the drugs trade. The backseat passenger who is currently recovering in hospital was not known to the police. 

Four other officers who were with the shooter are considered key witnesses and have been interviewed at length about the incident.

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