Huge 6.4 magnitude quake shakes Australia and East Timor

Darwin has been rocked by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake – with locals reporting feeling the ground shake underneath them for 30 seconds. 

The epicentre of the earthquake was in East Timor with tremors felt as far away as the Red Centre in the Northern Territory, GeoScience Australia said in an alert. 

The Bureau of Meteorology reassured residents there was no active tsunami threat. 

Locals took to social media saying they saw buildings shake and felt the ground tremble for half-a-minute.

‘Anyone else feel that earthquake in Darwin?’ one person wrote on Twitter.

Darwin has been rocked by several earthquakes in the past six months including a magnitude 7.3 that originated 250km north-east of Dili and 50km east of Indonesia’s Maluku islands in the Banda Sea in December.

A magnitude 6.0 was centred in the Banda Sea, 321km north-east of Dili, East Timor, and felt in the Northern Territory capital in February.

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