US Customs finds methamphetamines worth $60,000


US Customs authorities in California have seized methamphetamines worth $60,000 (£49,000) hidden in child booster seats at a checkpoint.

Earlier this week, officers at the Newton Azrak Border Patrol Station in Murrieta stopped a vehicle on an interstate near the checkpoint. There were two adults and four children inside the vehicle.

Upon dispatch of a K-9 team, narcotics were detected inside the children’s three booster seats.

“In those booster seats, several packages were found containing a white crystal substance that tested positive for methamphetamine,” US Customs and Border Protection officers said in a statement.

The inspection revealed that the driver, who is a US citizen, was in possession of 26.9 pounds of meth, which has a street value of $60,000 (£49,000).

The vehicle was immediately sealed by the Border Patrol, and the driver and the drugs were turned over to the Inland Crackdown Allied Taskforce.

The children and their mother were released.

“Our agents continue to work around the clock to protect our communities,” Aaron M Heitke, chief patrol agent at the San Diego sector, said. “Drug smugglers will use any means necessary to get their poison onto our streets. Nothing is sacred to them, not even family.”


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