LOL: Man jailed for 34 months after farting in police officer’s face

A man who farted in a police officer’s face has been jailed for almost three years.

Matthew Hapgood, 41, blew a raspberry at the copper after he was nicked for shoplifting.

He had made off with £33-worth of beer and cider from Tesco and vape products from a garage.

When police arrested Hapgood he “broke wind in the officer’s face during the course of that arrest” on March 21, a court heard.

Hapgood pleaded guilty to robbery, shoplifting, possession of a bladed article and criminal damage at Oxford Crown Court.

Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for 34 months on Friday. He said: You have a lengthy history, no less than 31 previous convictions for 83 offences.

“All really to do with a drug or alcohol addiction which has been with you for most of your adult life”.

Ronan McCann, mitigating, said his client’s problems were linked to a “long term addiction in relation to substances”.

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