Security forces kill nearly 200 suspected Al Shabaab members in Somalia

Somali security forces have killed nearly 200 suspected members of the Al Shabaab terrorist group in clashes in the town of Jicibow in central Somalia.

According to information gathered by the Somali state news agency SONNA, the clashes broke out as a result of an offensive by the terrorists against the town, located between the cities of Beledueine and Buulaburde.

Faced with this situation, the Army sent reinforcements and was supported by local self-defense militias, which in recent months have joined the offensives launched by the security forces against the terrorist group.

The city of Beledueine was the scene last week of a triple suicide car bomb attack perpetrated by Al Shabaab, which left nearly 20 people dead, including the regional health minister, Zakaria Mohamed Ahmed, and the deputy governor of Hiiraan, Abukar Madey.

During the latest army offensives, Somali forces have regained control of important areas in Galmudug, Southwest and Hirshabelle states, operations in which the military has been supported by armed resident groups.

Somalia is facing an increase in the number of attacks by the Islamist militia, linked to the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, both in the capital and other areas in the south of the country, which has led the president to promise a reinforcement of security operations to deal with the threat.


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