Universal Resort shuts due to Beijing coronavirus cases

    People taking a selfie while visiting the Universal Beijing Resort.

    The Universal Resort theme park in Beijing has temporarily closed due to Covid-19 prevention measures.

    Cases have been rising in the city despite having some of the world’s toughest anti-coronavirus restrictions.

    For yesterday, the Chinese capital – which is home to more than 21 million people – reported 19 symptomatic infections and one asymptomatic case.

    China’s zero-Covid policy has seen cities and attractions locked down over relatively small numbers of infections.

      The park, which is part-owned by the US media giant Comcast, did not say when it would reopen, but pledged to refund or reschedule tickets.

      “We will continue to assess the impact on operations and strive to resume operations as soon as possible,” it said on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform.

      “At the same time, we will continue to carry out a series of work related to epidemic prevention and control, such as deep cleaning, disinfection and nucleic acid testing,” it added.

      Some users on Weibo took issue with the short notice given to customers by the company.

      “The pandemic shutdown is understandable. But why didn’t you give earlier notice?” one user asked.

      Another said: “Who is responsible for the loss if I specially took leave to visit?”

      This is the second time the theme park, which was opened in September 2021, has been forced to close its gates this year. It was shut for six weeks from the start of May due to Covid measures.

      Strict zero-Covid policies have seen some of China’s biggest cities being locked down, including the financial, manufacturing and shipping hub of Shanghai.

      Beijing is the only major Chinese city to have so far avoided a full lockdown.

      However, infections have been rising after the national Golden Week holiday earlier this month.

      Last Thursday, some housing estates and shopping centres in Beijing were locked down because of a steep rise in cases.

      Other major attractions in China have been shut in recent months because of rises in Covid infections.

      Earlier this year, Shanghai Disneyland was closed down for three months because of a coronavirus outbreak.

      When it reopened in June, visitors had to wear face masks and stick to strict social distancing rules.

      President Xi Jinping, who secured a historic third term in power at the weekend, has signalled that the country will continue to pursue its strict zero-Covid approach even as the measures have weighed on economic growth.


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