Journalist found dead with signs of torture in Ecuador

An Ecuadorean photo-journalist named Henry Vivanco has been found dead with signs of torture in a house in Huarquillas, in southern Ecuador, in events that are already under investigation.

Vivanco’s body was found handcuffed, half-naked, face down and with signs of violence, explained a brother of the victim, Patricio Vivanco, quoted by the newspaper ‘El Universo’.

Patricio Vivanco explained that he had not spoken to his brother since Friday and that he only knew that he had gone out with a friend. It was the father of both of them who went to the journalist’s home, saw that there was a stick through a window. Upon entering, he detected a bad smell and finally discovered the body.

Vivanco was 37 years old and was known for his photographic work. He was a reporter and judge of several beauty events.

The Journalists Association of El Oro has expressed its indignation and rejection of the murder and has demanded an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office so that justice is done and those responsible are punished.

“We demand the Government, the Ministry of Government to guarantee security conditions for the practice of journalism, which currently takes place in a context of violence and organized crime”, said the organization.

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