One killed and 14 wounded in twin bus stop blasts in Jerusalem

Israeli security forces inspect the scene of an explosion at a bus stop near the entrance to Jerusalem (23 November 2022)

One person has been killed and 14 others wounded by two separate explosions that targeted busy bus stops in Jerusalem, Israeli medics say.

The first blast was reportedly caused by a device left at a bus station on the city’s outskirts. It wounded 11 people, one of whom died in hospital.

The second blast came close to a bus stop in another part of the city. It left three people with minor injuries.

Israeli police said the explosions were suspected Palestinian attacks.

This year has seen a spate of deadly gun and knife attacks targeting Israelis, triggering waves of Israeli military raids in Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank.

But the use of explosives in Jerusalem would be the most significant attack of its kind in years.

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