Budapest police officer dies after alleged Hungary stabbing

Police lights on a car in Hungary

A police officer in Budapest has died after a man allegedly stabbed him while trying to escape arrest on Thursday.

Police were called to a flat in District XI of Hungary’s capital at about 22:10 local time to reports a man was attempting to enter it.

The man injured three policemen before he escaped onto the street where he was shot by a fourth officer and arrested.

A police statement described the alleged perpetrator as a “crazed man with a knife”.

All injured police officers, along with the alleged attacker were taken to hospital – where one of the officers, 29-year-old Peter Baumann, died.

Hungarian police said the man was the deputy of district XI, and would have turned 30 next month.

A black flag will be flown on police buildings and service vehicles will display a mourning ribbon to honour the officer, Hungary’s police department said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the government would provide support to Mr Baumann’s family.

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