Alligator stolen 20 years ago from Texas zoo returned

The alligator being carried

An alligator believed to have been stolen from a Texas zoo 20 years ago was recently returned after it was discovered at a nearby home.

The 8-ft (2.5m) gator named Tewa was probably stolen by a person who was volunteering at the Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo, officials say.

It was found near Austin by the Texas Game Warden on Friday and returned to the zoo in New Braunfels on Monday.

“Alligators don’t make good pets, y’all,” the agency said.

The animal is thought to have been taken when it was an egg or a hatchling, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

They say it was kept in a backyard for “many years” about 50 miles from the zoo. The homeowner lacked the necessary permits to keep it so it was confiscated.

The person, who has not been identified, has been issued with two citations.

The zoo released a video saying Tewa was being introduced to the other alligators and will live out her life at the facility.

They added that she has adapted well to her new environment since being returned to the zoo.

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