Japanese police arrest man who stole over 700 pieces of women’s underwear

Japanese police officers in the southern city of Beppu have arrested a man after he allegedly stole 730 pieces of women’s underwear from coin laundromats across the area.

Police arrested Tetsuo Urata, 56, on Aug. 24 after a 21-year-old female college student said the suspect stole six pairs of her undergarments.a stuffed animal sitting on a blanket: Pile of underwear.

Investigators made the arrest at Urata’s apartment and went on to find the giant stash of underwear. He has since admitted to his crimes, according to Yahoo Japan News.

“We haven’t confiscated such a large number of panties in years,” a Beppu city police department spokesman said to Japanese news outlets.

Underwear theft is oddly not an uncommon crime in Japan. In March, police arrested Takahiro Kubo, a 30-year-old electrician who stole over 400 pieces of underwear and swimsuits from teenage girls.

In 2019, police also arrested a 40-year-old man who stole over 1,000 women’s underwear items and kept them inside a futon at his home.

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