Three US sailors from same aircraft carrier found dead in one week

Three US Navy sailors from the USS George Washington have been found dead in separate incidents within a single week, officials say.

A US Navy spokesperson said three sailors stationed on the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier had died in the past seven days, CNN reported. The ship is currently at Newport News in Virginia.

While one sailor was found unresponsive onboard the vessel on Friday, Navy spokeswoman Cmdr Reann Mommsen said two other sailors from the USS George Washington were found on April 9 and 10 off base.

She did not disclose the cause of the three deaths, and did not identify the individual who was found onboard the carrier on Friday 15 April. The sailor who died on 9 April was however named as Mikail Sharp, and the sailor who died on 10 April was named as Natasha Huffman. 

An investigation into all three deaths is currently underway and is being carried out by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). 

 “While these incidents remain under investigation, there is no initial indication to suggest there is a correlation between these tragic events,” Cmdr Mommsen told CNN.

A Naval Air Force spokesperson, Michael Maus, meanwhile told the Navy Times that the sailor found unresponsive onboard the ship “was treated by the medical team on board before being transported to Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News where the service member passed away”. (Getty Images)

“The Navy is cooperating with local authorities where both incidents have occurred, as both incidents remain under investigation,” Mr Maus said. “Our thoughts and condolences are with the family, friends and shipmates of our Sailors.”

The US Navy’s Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team, which provides short-term mental health support after a traumatic event, was reportedly deployed to the aircraft carrier in the wake of the three deaths.

It comes amid a delay to a complex overhaul of the USS George Washington, which Defense News reported in March was now delayed for another year.

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