Owner of Tiffany jewellery dies mysteriously

The owner of the Tiffany’s jewellery empire in Turkey has died after plunging from a cruise ship in the South Pacific.

Dilek Ertek, 71, fell in the sea off the Tahiti coast while on holiday with her unnamed Swiss boyfriend.

Police on the island questioned the 74-year-old when the Norwegian Spirit docked three days later but he was later released without charge.

Ms Ertek’s son Gokce Atuk claimed jewellery had gone missing from her cabin.

The crew had reportedly kept her lover under observation until the ship arrived at Papeete port.

Her family claimed CCTV showed she fell on October 26 but was not reported missing for 20 hours.

They are said to be taking legal action against the ship’s operator. Ms Ertek opened the first Tiffany & Co shop in Istanbul in 1995 and was brand supplier in Turkey.


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